BULL: An Invitation to Dinner

A dinner party and evening ritual you won’t forget.

27th – 29th May 2011

BULL by Birmingham-based theatre company KILN, reinvents the myth of the Minotaur using ensemble rhythm and voice, striking visuals and a playful menu that is prepared live before the audience, on and around a drum kit. Hosted by Pasiphae – mother of a monster and lover of a bull – BULL is a dinner party and evening ritual you won’t forget.

Performed by a chef-percussionist, a dancer and a singer, BULL is a bizarre ceremony that politely celebrates the death of others and marks the passing of those sacrificed to the half-man half-bull encased within the labyrinth.

Mike Knowlden, from London-based Blanch and Shock Food Design, is collaborating with Kindle on the project. He will prepare the evening’s unusual menu live before the audience whilst drumming. A pulsing rhythm persists throughout the performance, to remind us that ritual sacrifice cannot be avoided if we are to celebrate our own freedom.

“…an intriguing and thought-provoking piece, and certainly more absorbing than conventional theatre.” talesfrombradistan.blogspot.com

KILN in collaboration with Mike Knowlden from Blanch and Shock Food Design

Commissioned by Theatre in the Mill, Bradford.