Dinner with us

A menu of topical, often experimental and provocative food, connected to KILN’s current research.

2009 – 2010

Since April 2010 KILN have been hosting meals in Birmingham on a monthly basis as a pleasant way for artists and industry folk to meet one another and talk informally around the dinner table. These monthly events invite diners to enjoy a menu of topical, often experimental and provocative food that is connected to KILN’s current research and to the season in which it takes place. A big thanks to Stan’s Cafe for hosting the Birmingham events in A.E Harris.

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“Cook a meal / host a party for eight people, four of whom I barely know” James Yarker, Stan’s Cafe. 2010 Theatre Pledge

“The act of eating together transforms a necessary bodily function into something far more significant, a social event” Roy Strong,Feast: A History of Grand Eating.

In addition, KILN has hosted other food-based events:

Fresh espresso filtered with thyme, orange, chilli, rum or tobacco.

Saturday 25th September
Fierce @ Wednesbury Town Hall: 7.30pm – 11pm. FREE

As part of FIERCE INTERROBANG 2: Relationships, Stoke Newington International Airport hosted Live Art Speed Date, an evening of spectacular intimate encounters in Wednesbury Town Hall.

Meals on Wheels: The Minotaur

16th – 19th August
@ Forest Fringe, Edinburgh Festival 3 Bistro Square, Edinburgh, EH1 1EY

Held in the back of a van, August’s meal was an intimate dining experience that invited diners to literally taste and smell a story. Dining with the company members guests enjoyed a delicious reworking of a Greek myth and a peep into Pasiphae’s love for a bull.

Pasta vaginas, edible lube, beef, bison, a folk song on an orchestral harp, lemon posset and an after dinner speech on the (pop) science and yearnings of Love.

KILN would like to say a big thank you to Foursight Theatre for the loan of their van and to Andy Field, Deborah Pearson and all at the Forest for supporting us and washing our pans.

“[KILN] may not be performing a show on the Fringe this year, but they’ve given me my most memorable Edinburgh 2010 moment” Bella Todd, fringereview.co.uk

Meals on Wheels: The Minotaur was featured on Guardian blog in Paul MacInnes’ On the blag at the Edinburgh fringe festival

The closing meal of BE FESTIVAL, Birmingham

Saturday 3rd July

KILN served a celebratory meal for 130 diners at the brilliant BE Festival venue: Stans Cafe’s AE Harris. The meal was based on previous work EAT YOUR HEART OUT and designed in collaboration with Blanch & Shock.

We would like to say a big thank you to the collaborators Nina Smith and Blanch & Shock, and also to Rita, Kate and everyone in the BE Festival team.

Courtship & Sex May Day Meal

Tuesday 18th May, Birmingham

As a belated May day celebration the event’s theme was Courtship & Sex and diners were invited to eat and experience a theatrical menu inspired by the research. Entering into the industrial A.E Harris warehouse they were greeted by…
…the subtle smell of tobacco smoke & lavender to the sounds of love songs, followed by lubricated labial pasta, a good mouthful from a 6ft schlong and climaxed in a creamy kiss before jigging around our Human Maypole.

“…it was such an amazing evening. The food was intriguing, tasty and encouraged much debate. The music was evocative and enjoyable and the dancing was a real treat, I’d forgotten how much fun it can be dancing with complete strangers!

“I thought the whole evening was so thoughtfully developed and this was clear in it’s execution, there was such a warm, relaxed and intimate atmosphere and the conversation flowed nicely between different groups. It was refreshing to have such a unique experience and I can’t wait to see what comes next! Congratulations on a great success!” Natalie Wilson, Diner

We would like to say a big thank you to James, Charlotte and Craig from Stan’s Cafe; to all the ‘Athenian Youths’: Eileen McCarthy, Katherine Goodenough, Kate Kavanagh, Cara Gould, Rita Neveckaite, Cassey North, Alice Pegrum, Olivia Zetterstrom-Sharp and Jo Newman, and to Tony Appleby for photographing the evening.

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Pre Pilot April Fools Eve meal

Wednesday 31st April

Dinner cooked by KILN for the PILOT and Birmingham artists, with an after dinner speech on:

The fear of April Fools Day: The Fool vs the fooled’


‘Dangerous food’

On the menu was: A hearty tomato, bean and kale stew, bastardised potato dauphinoise, leaves and bread.