Festival of Xtreme building

A commission to curate the opening ceremony of the Festival of Xtreme Building.

Summer 2007

A large scale outdoor parade in Birmingham City Centre, KILN recruited over 80 participants including wrestlers, cheer leaders, singers, a samba band, Bollywood dancers, dohl drummers, performers, cheerleaders, a magician and 2 choirs to perform in a series of flashmob meetings in and around Birmingham, culminating in a large scale parade seen by over 350 invited guests.

The months leading up to the ceremony saw the arrival of X Nation to Birmingham, infiltrating trains, buses, trams, centenary square, snow hill station and the bull ring. The culminating outdoor parade was made up of over 80 of the X Nation participants.

KILN would like to thank all the participants involved and Orit Azaz for her mentoring.

Commissioned by Sozo Collective.