In My Father’s House

A Celebration of the Plum. A Preparation for Death. Cheers!

2007 – 2008

Exploring four women’s relationship to the spiritual Father, biological father, lover and son, In My Father’s House was our take on the Eucharistic service, in which the women worshipped the plum, a metaphor for the body, with its skin (skin), flesh (body) and pit (soul), and also symbolised faithfulness and independence. The audience were welcomed into the ladies’ daily service: celebrating life and preparing for death.

Edinburgh Festival: August 2007
mac Birmigham
Warwick Arts Centre: May 2008
Battersea Arts Centre: July 2008

“There is a totality to [KILN]’s performance. They have created a piece of theatre in which they immerse their audience” The Stage * MUST SEE *

“Like a dream state…the magic of absolute ritual” Audience member, BAC

Our third project was In My Father’s House, which we made in four Church of England churches in the West Midlands. We very much saw the rituals of the church and the habits of its inhabitants as a form of theatre, and so we took our theatre and merged it with theirs. We were fascinated by churches, as buildings with a very specific function that were more accessible to us than official rehearsal spaces.

Supported by Arts Council England.