An adaptation of the myth of Persephone

July 2008

A contemporary retelling of the Greek myth of Persephone and Hades. In sell-out performances, the audience were lead by characters through the twisting corridors of the caves to the deepest cavern where they witnessed the marriage of Persephone and The Lord of Underland.

The performance featured original musical compositions and incorporated folklore from the Forest of Dean area. We met poachers and miners and a man who believed that the world will end in 2012, and who showed us the laylines through the forest. Each performance took over a hundred audience members through the caves as the story of this fateful marriage unfolded.

A site-sepecific performance in Clearwell Caves, Forest of Dean.

“The atmospheric thrills were visceral and unexpected at every turn as we descended further underground – a lesson in pomegranate-winemaking from an alcove here, a maiden zinging a harp on a rock in a blue-lit water-filled cavern there …” Owen Adams, The Guardian

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Faraway HarpDemeter searchHecate's RecipeWedding cavernBy the waterHecate's AlcoveDemeter plays that happy tune

A collaboration between KILN and Pentabus Theatre, Clearwell Caves in the Forest of Dean.